The Misadventures of a Doll Newb, and Review of Midge

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I’ve always found that the hardest part of doing anything online is always the first step. In this case…The introduction. Ugh. I’ve always been very good at talking about anything- anything but ME. See, in our family you listened to others and we were, and always are there for one another. No one is in the spotlight, everyone shares it. -taps invisible mic and steps away from invisible spotlight- Is this thing on? Okay…I’ll start with the basics. Hey everyone (or just one random person whom came here by terrible mistake) I’m Casey. I’m 29 almost 30 (oh man.) and I love toys. I love all toys! I still collect toys and I love sharing the things I like about my hobby, but with dolls I’m a total n00b (do kids still use ‘n00b’?). One day I hope to have my own toy store.



I’m sure you’re here for the dolls but before I get started on that I wanted to do a small ‘about me’ so that you at least know who’s words you’re reading. I grew up in a small town called Yulee FL (we’re just across the river from Georgia) and it is where I’ve lived my entire life, on the same bit of land I was raised on. My folks are awesome. My mother has been there for my sister and I every step of the way and without her I’d be poop (she also has a wicked cool blog about her chickens ). Dad worked his entire life to feed us and he is pretty darn awesome too. Juuust don’t think he’s gone totally insane when he starts talking to himself like a mad man. All in all I’m very blessed to have such loving and supportive parents. I know they have my back.

I was married on June 7th 2013 and I couldn’t be happier. My husband and I are both ACW Reenactors and having a hobby together is pretty sweet. He also supports my toy addiction as well as our own small family of two. We don’t have children and don’t intend to, but I have the most AMAZING nephew and niece.


Along with my sidekicks Cameron (meow) and Boo (bark) I hope to bring you some really cool posts on Dolls, crafting, and sometimes funny (or really boring) life experiences.



Thank you for sticking with me through this, and thank you for being here. I plan on updating at LEAST once a month, but ideally every week or so. I hope you’ll come back and check in, or follow me. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or comment, even if it’s just to say hello. I’m new to blogging for an audience and pointers would be really helpful!


-exhales- WOO! Okay -claps- lets DO this!

I know a lot of people have already given their reviews on Mattel’s new Life In The Dreamhouse Midge doll but I just had to use her as my first post. As it stands I’ve never spent more than 30.00$ on a doll so most of my posts will be on playline dolls. There are SO many dolls I WANT but more on that later. My personal history with Barbie has been pretty short. I had tons of Barbies as a child. Our family could never really afford anything like American Girl (i’ve still never owned one) but I LOVED my Barbies!! (if you ever want to see some I had check out my retro toy board on pinterest ) With barbie I could be anything and build anything. As a child if I wanted Barbie to have a bed, I just grabbed a shoe box and stuffed a blanket into it. BAM done. If I wanted her to have a dinner table I’d just take the same box and turn it upside down, voila! She was a constant companion…even if I did disgrace her by lopping her hair off on far more than one occasion (sorry mom).

Like a lot of kids, I outgrew Barbie. I became a teenager and cast my dolls out..I still wish I had never done that. It wasn’t until two years ago my doll collecting began and not until this year that I started to learn about dolls; the creative process, the customization abilities and blogging. I’m hooked. It all started with Mattel’s Monster High collection. When they first came out I sneered at them. My niece loved them but I worried about them…I didn’t like their clothes and I sure didn’t like their weird skin and huge heads but above all I hated how TINY their bodies were. I thought they would give my niece a complex. Psh I was the one with the issue. I finally broke down and watched a webisode of the Monster High cartoon and before I knew it I was begging my (then) boyfriend (now husband) for a Ghoulia Yelps doll. I LOVED her!! I did something I had not done since I was a little girl- I made dolls clothes, I played with her hair, I was CRAFTING! I had not crafted in so long. I realized something then, these dolls that I despised were inspiration bathed in plastic! I remembered how they inspired imagination and fun. It was kind of like sinking back into comfortable shoes. I learned to adore Monster High Dolls and collected several but I always avoided the Barbie section in my local stores. After getting used to the quirky personalities the Monster girls had Barbie just seemed so…Boring (sorry Mattel!) She was still the perky blond Barbie with the perfect boring boyfriend… Until recently when Mattel introduced Life in the Dreamhouse!


I saw her at the store and she caught my eye, Midge, barbie’s silly friend from Willows Wisconsin where Barbie grew up. With a cute face and really stylish clothes, Midge stood out to me and I instantly wanted her. I devoured all information ‘Midge’ in about three days. I learned about her ‘pregnancy controversy’ (seriously people? Was it really a big deal?) as well as her discontinuation. Then I dove head first into Life in the Dreamhouse and watched every single episode in one sitting (yes, i’m crazy). The last time Barbie held any interest to me I was probably 12…But THIS Barbie was FUNNY. I had NEVER seen Barbie as funny. The only Barbie I knew was the Barbie with 135 jobs (and counting lol) a pretty blonde perfect stick in the mud. LITDH erases every preconceived notion I had about Barbie AND her friends. So much so that after I finished watching I went to the store on a whim (read: NEEEED) and bought Midge.

The first thing I noticed about Midge (and all other LITDH dolls) was their pretty rooted lashes that really made her face pop. The second thing was how many things you actually got for 16.00$ A doll, a two-piece outfit, a spare dress, and accessories. Really, it’s a pretty sweet deal IMO. 

Here’s Midge wearing the outfit she came in as well as her second outfit.


I love both dresses, especially her Cardigan. It’s kind of frumpy in a way but I love it..maybe because I wear cardigans all the time. It seems like a good ‘classic’ look Midge would like. While I like the red outfit I’m iffy on the skirt part. Its cute but really stiff and I wish the ruffles went all the way around to the back of the skirt.


Her second dress was so cute I thought she deserved a tea party (black headband from the barbie tea fashion set). I love the colors and i think the plaid and polka-dots go quite nicely together! My BIGGEST complaint about this doll is her earrings. PLEASE MATTEL, stop making them permanent.  Her hair is long and really pretty but it gets caught on the earrings so easily. -sigh- I really love that they were so dedicated to making Midge resemble her LITDH animated counterpart, but the jewelry needs some work.


Another reason I love midge is her hair. I’m a redhead myself so seeing a redheaded doll is always so cool for me, especially when it’s a natural red tone and not some crazy candy apple color. I love the fiber they used, its soft and very shiny but the ends tend to fray and tangle a bit and it came with soooo much gel in it! I think it would have been better if they left the ends plain and didn’t try to gell it up.


And she can SIT, she can sit so well! I like to put my dolls on my vanity and let them hang out with one another so when i try and sit a gal down and she just topples over it’s so annoying. I have not had a single issue with Midge falling- well…Cameron (cat) tried to murder her and knocked her off the couch but we cant rightly blame that on Midge. It should also be noted that this is the first and only doll I have so far that can cross her legs and actually look like a proper lady. Hooray!! Her knees aren’t as posable as a Liv Doll and her ankles are fixed but really, I don’t even mind.


I do wish however, that her hands were able to hold things better or touch her face. Trying to get her to poke her own nose is hilarious. Thankfully she can touch her forehead 🙂 . Her wrists can also swivel well so that really helps!


Lets take a second to look at her face paint. I really loved that her makeup was light. I’m used to seeing sooo much makeup on Barbie that this line of dolls has been really refreshing. While they wear makeup it isn’t a throw back to the 80s (I’m looking at you Barbie and the Rocker’s era doll…) . Her brow bone is highlighted with a very pale silvery shadow, her crease is a pretty neutral brown and her lid is a very light pink, put together i think it sets off her blue eyes and gives them kind of a smoky look while remaining kind of retro. I like that they kept her eyebrows kind of red making her hair seem even more natural. Nothing is worse than seeing a redheaded doll with brown or black eyebrows. Thank you Mattel, you get it. I do kind of have a love hate relationship with her mouth… From a distance its really cute and slightly open but up close it looks ….reminiscent of an inflatable doll.  I really hope they work on that.

What do you think of Midge and the new LITDH dolls? Do you have suggestions? Just feel like chiming  in? I’d love to hear from you! Thank you again for reading this, I know it was long -cringe- Again, thanks!

(midge watching the Darbie show on Youtube during her break 😉 )

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